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Grains of Dust

E-kniha, anglicky
108 Kč
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Grains of Dust

Most of us long to leave our mark on the world. As I dreamed of big things, they suddenly visualized and so began my custom of writing down everything that came to my mind. It didn’t matter what time the idea came, it was written down. I then looked closely at the words and attempted to perfect them, even if it meant reading the sentences countless times. Finally, I would piece all the words together. It doesn’t matter if you write, sing, dance or choose to shine in something completely different. The most important thing is to excel at what inspires you. What uplifts and nourishes your spirit. We must never give up when obstacles threaten to derail dreams. If you persevere, your success will taste sweeter than even honey.

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Dostupný formát epub, mobi, pdf, pdf2


Autor Lily Wonderland
Jazyk anglicky
Počet stran 202 stran
Rok vydání 2013
Nakladatel MEA2000 o. z.
Kód:  EK9326
Prod. číslo:  978-80-895-1581-3