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The second step into the Darkness is called Illusion

The second step into the Darkness is called Illusion, and the pioneer of modern-era horror stories, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, meets another of his “gurus” – Edgar Allan Poe (Lovecraft himself is sometimes referred to as E. A. Poe’s direct successor). William Wilson is a typical specimen of Poe’s fantastic, even mystic style that won him world renown. H. P. Lovecraft is also the author of the other two short stories – The Terrible Old Man and Ex Oblivione. Curiously enough, Lovecraft’s name now defines one of the subgenres of horror literature (the fear of the unknown, as opposed to a bloodbath). The mysterious and fearsome atmosphere is emphasized by the actors’ performances, the exquisite music, and the apt graphic design on the cover.

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Délka 01:25:06


Autor Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe
Interpret Roy McCrerey, Sam Kellett


Velikost 128 kbps 117 MB
Kategorie Audioknihy, Beletrie v angličtině, Horory a mystika, Zahraniční literatura
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