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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition USER CAL - 1 klient, OLP (elektronická licence)

7 469 Kč
6 173 Kč bez DPH

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition USER CAL - 1 klient, OLP (elektronická licence)

With SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition, you get industry-leading performance, availability and security on the platform you choose. You can choose Windows, Linux and Docker Containers. SQL Server 2019 lets you create applications in your favorite language and environment. Thanks to this software, you can also get useful information from real-time data, so you can easily implement it into a variety of analytical models and reports. There is also JSON support, graph data and PolyBase connectivity to Hadoop. Modern assemblies with rich visuals and graphs using R and Python functions are commonplace. You will appreciate that, according to research by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), SQL Server is the least vulnerable database in the last 7 years.

Key features of the SQL Server Standard Edition 2019 server operating system

  • Electronic OLP USER CAL for commercial use
  • Choice of language and platform
  • Top performance
  • The least vulnerable database
  • Comprehensive mobile BI solutions

User CAL - 1 user, unlimited number of devices. This license is therefore optimal for companies that need to access corporate resources from different devices. 

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Produkt Microsoft SQL Server
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Počet zařízení 1


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Kód:  SWLM0009
Prod. číslo:  359-06866